Pull Your Own Strings

Our Problems are Man-made

Friday June 10, 2016

Therefore they may be solved by man.

When I wrote the Hard Fork Missile Crisis article, it was a direct allusion to the Cuban Missile Crisis incident JFK encountered during his Presidency. During the Cold War it was as if the world superpowers were willing to terminate the entire world for political disagreements – disagreements between men – The East against The West. A few months before the Hard Fork Missile Crisis, Gavin Andressen released his “Scalability Roadmap” (aka a block size increase), on the now defunct Bitcoin Foundation’s blog. Opposition rose to this roadmap, and eventually this deteriorated into a plenitude of political disagreements. Consequently, a cold war began. Eventually two vocal communities arose, each completely ignoring the true problems of Bitcoin – the problems of men: problems of trust and faith. Read more…

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