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The Average Scam Band

Thursday October 13, 2016

Let’s see what an average scam in Bitcoin looks like today. For reference we will use this Reddit post from a known scammer. A complete newcomer clueless as to where to ascertain real knowledge will likely fall for such a scam.

The previous tight “lockstep” correlation between Bitcoin price and volume ended in late 2014 – with the price now dipping/lagging below the level predicted by Metcalfe’s law.

First we see the utilization of pseudoscience as evidence to a claim. Con artists usually use scientific sounding theories to back their con.

Metcalfe’s Law was debunked earlier, and it has even been postulated that connections in a network such as Bitcoin can detract from the system’s value. Using this as evidence for a claim ignores the existence of scammers and malicious actors. In this case the real scammers are ignored since they are too difficult to see for the average derp, and instead more visible and less malicious scammers are targeted instead.
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Bitcoin – Four Years In

Wednesday October 12, 2016

October 9th marked 4 years since I first registered my GPG key into the Web of Trust. As those years have passed, the pandemonium fortress that is IRC has weathered the storm of idiots attempting to unleash an Eternal September onto Bitcoin. The saddest thing is as the idiots cheer themselves into a stupor, the real enemy has successfully created immigration checkpoints known as KYC (know your customer), in an attempt to apply capital controls to Bitcoin. The invisible war continues, but I remain hopeful.

In September 2012, I bought $400 of Bitcoin, totaling approximately 22 BTC, and invested it on GLBSE for entertainment, upon which GLBSE closed and nominal losses turned to realized losses overnight. The greatest lesson I learned here is easily earned money, in perception, tends to amount to scammer money. As Dave Chappelle once said imitating Puff Daddy, “You can’t choke all your problems away. It takes hard work.”
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Thug Motiviation 101 Applied

Thursday October 6, 2016

Due to the nature of the New York Bitlicense, buying Bitcoin can result in physical harm. This war on Bitcoin has resulted in a significantly less cash deals occurring, funneling users en masse to KYC checkpoints. Cash deals now require a significant amount of trust, but allow for extraordinary financial empowerment if due diligence is applied correctly.

Each tier of trapping has different caveats, but similarly aligned strategies. They all aim to preserve anonymity and incentivize recurrent relationships to develop trust. All scenarios require a TRB node to generate addresses with funkenstein’s import/export privkey patch applied.
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Coppin Louie Loafers Just to Thug in Em

Thursday September 15, 2016

After talking with mod6 on IRC a lot, he recommended I listen to Young Jeezy, stating, “Jeezy changed my life.” This was back in 2013, so I started listening to some Jeezy, from Trapstar on Thug Motivation 101 (TM101), to the more recent Put On. Inevitably, the words of Jeezy changed my life as well, and the realization of the sheer amount universal street wisdom in his recordings taught me valuable lessons.

Well fast forward to 2014. Jeezy releases the single Holy Ghost which would appear on his album The Autobiography. This single is probably one of the most important Jeezy tracks I’ve ever heard, it talks about the fleeting nature of success, and the tragic sacrifices one must make to achieve greatness.
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