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Mass Adoption as a Ponzi Scheme

Friday July 1, 2016

Bill Maher recently proclaimed in his show’s segment, New Rules, that millennials have romanticized socialism. In this rare instance, Maher directly criticized the entitlement mentality that has supposedly infected this generation of youth. I had to check the program title, since for a second I thought I was watching Bill O’Reilly.

Millennials don’t remember a threatening Soviet Union or any Soviet Union. The only time they’ve ever had to crouch under a desk was to go down on their teacher. So the new generation is ready for socialism. Problem is, they may be ready for a little too much socialism.

Almost 2/3rds of Sanders’ voters want free college and free universal health coverage for no more than an extra thousand dollars in taxes…even though that’s not really socialism. That’s Santa-ism.

[Millenials have gotten] too used to getting shit for free.

I was told wed all be rich

“I was told we’d all be rich!”

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