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Simple Blender 2.66 -> Cal3d

Thursday February 23, 2017

Grab the dependencies here an amalgamation of test materials:


Checksum SHA512: ae45e00b4f1be5c3383fff20a9a82492fa3bf11167ad1bedbec48b571369bed08931ef4e3a5ec157d2291dd777de4b5293f21056c9bbe8c861b50a06889ec336

Included are a set of files that work with an already working eulora install. I personally tested on Debian 8 using the instructions provided for “Ubuntu”.

Extract the archive into its own folder ‘cal3dconversiontest’.

There are three folders in the main one: ‘testmodel’, ‘exporter’, and ‘viewer’.

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Outer Heaven

Tuesday June 28, 2016

It was once said, “A soldier is a political tool, nothing more.” The Boss realized the abuse of soldiers to advance political agendas. She believed politicians were merely the embodiment of the social values of a nation, and as such, “People aren’t the ones who dictate the missions…The times [do]. People’s values change over time. And so do the leaders of a
country. So there’s no such thing as an enemy in absolute terms. The enemies we fight are only in relative terms, constantly changing with the times.”

This makes loyalty to the end a slippery slope, as “the only thing we can believe in with absolute certainty is the mission”. And of course the greatest soldiers are the ones who complete the mission by any means necessary. From the politician’s view, these great soldiers are indeed effective tools. Loyalty to the end is a powerful concept – it implies one is willing to give their life than betray said loyalty.

Why be loyal to a nation which cares not for you? Why give your life for a nation which would use your undying loyalty as a political symbol?
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