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Outer Heaven

Tuesday June 28, 2016

It was once said, “A soldier is a political tool, nothing more.” The Boss realized the abuse of soldiers to advance political agendas. She believed politicians were merely the embodiment of the social values of a nation, and as such, “People aren’t the ones who dictate the missions…The times [do]. People’s values change over time. And so do the leaders of a
country. So there’s no such thing as an enemy in absolute terms. The enemies we fight are only in relative terms, constantly changing with the times.”

This makes loyalty to the end a slippery slope, as “the only thing we can believe in with absolute certainty is the mission”. And of course the greatest soldiers are the ones who complete the mission by any means necessary. From the politician’s view, these great soldiers are indeed effective tools. Loyalty to the end is a powerful concept – it implies one is willing to give their life than betray said loyalty.

Why be loyal to a nation which cares not for you? Why give your life for a nation which would use your undying loyalty as a political symbol?

The Boss’s successor, Big Boss, decided to implement the vision of a country in which soldiers were more than political tools. A nation where their lives were not dedicated to advancing political agendas. He named this sovereign nation Outer Heaven.

The sovereignty of Bitcoin, will undoubtedly result in the construction of an Outer Heaven, to preserve the freedoms the first world wishes for its citizens to voluntarily forfeit. This process began the moment Satoshi launched the genesis block. Ever since, the current tyranny of scammers, has been slowly losing ground to a new rising elite with significantly more sound values.

All of the resources Big Boss would need to create Outer Heaven can be purchased directly with Bitcoin: guns, ammo, rations, medical kits, and even infrastructure for establishing a base of operations. Big Boss armed with a Philosopher’s Legacy of Bitcoin, could realistically arm a well trained militia loyal to his cause. In particular a militia trained in tactical espionage is extremely effective in dismantling enemies from within, before they even have the ability to make a first-strike.

S.MPOE went private earlier this year, and was sold for 234,000 BTC – roughly $150mn at current prices. Given this is merely a single (albeit expensive) Bitcoin company, it isn’t unfathomable for a well connected and intelligent group of individuals to accumulate a Philosopher’s Legacy. A few hundred million dollars goes a long way, especially if held in a currency that is impossible to censor. Blood diamonds carry the same capacity, but for more sinister and aggressive militant causes. Despite the UN and the US attempting to restrict the export of blood diamonds from Africa, their fungibility and value still remains intact allowing for warlords to finance their child armies. Bitcoin will be a more moral and ethical fuel – a fuel to defend citizens from war, not provoke it.

The GPG contract relies on the concept of loyalty to the end. The real citizens of Bitcoin who establish actual relationships and trust between one another voluntarily, realize trust is invaluable and hard (sometimes impossible) to earn back if ever lost. As an example, I’ve never met my Bitcoin broker in person in the four years I’ve known him, but I trust him to handle my bitcoins better than myself. For four years, he’s been a financial pillar, more trustworthy than Coinbase could ever become. I trust someone I’ve never met with my money, more than I trust some of my closest friends.

While people think Bitcoin will help fulfill their dreams, they forget to adhere to its fundamentals. They forget, more important than anything in Bitcoin, is trust. The citizens of the first world have been bamboozled into blindly trusting the government, the justice department, and the police, while telling us to distrust our neighbors, portraying them as our enemies.

A nation composed of loyal citizens, loyalty not to the state but to each other, this is the dream Bitcoin provides. A nation where trust in one another is so valuable, the citizens would be willing to give their lives to preserve it. A nation where scammers aren’t put in cages to preserve society where citizens bear the costs, but exiled to never to be seen again. Bitcoin has slowly made this dream a reality, and it is only a matter of time before it is fully realized.

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